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As some of you may already know there's a tag called the Sisterhood of the world Blogger Award and last week I was nominated by two of my favourite bloggers out there (and also some great friends of mine) Mire and Caro (link in their names). Sooo, thaaank you so much for nominating me girls. You should all definitely check out their blog, you won't regret it! :)

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
2. Put the award logo on your blog
3. Answer the ten questions that have been set you
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
5. Nominate ten people

The questions they set are:

1. What is your all time favourite beauty product?

2. If you were to shop at only one store for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
ZARA, without a doubt! I always find everything I want there and the prices (at least here in Spain) aren't too high. I don't know, I just love everything in there! I am obsessed.

3. What is your favourite way to style your hair?
I have natural curly hair, but I use a special shampoo so it stays more wavy and I normally straighten the bangs that fall to my face a bit.. so I'd say wavy with volume, I guess. Here's a picture:

4. A new product you're loving recently? (it can be anything!)
The Maybelline Baby Lips - Peach Kiss is the one I love the most! They are not new, but I've been loving them since I first bought one about year ago. They are good as lipbalms and they also have different tones that go with everything!

5. Favourite nail varnish brand?

6. What's your favourite make up brush to use for foundation?
The Real Techniques Expert face brush

7. 3 beauty must haves?
Concealer, mascara and a pinky toned blush!

8. Would you rather go out on the town, or have a quiet night in?
I loooove night out with friends, so I'd say going out, but it all depends on with whom you're going with! I also like staying at home watching online series or movies under a blanket (mostly when it's cold in winter) if I am not feeling like going out.

9. What do you use to take your make-up off at the end of the day?
Cotton pads with cleansing water (I cannot remember the brand right now)

10. Your favourite Christmas film?
Love Actually!!!! All time favourite, no doubt.

My questions:

1. What is your must have for winter? (piece of clothing, not beauty)
2. A beauty product you could not live without
3. What is your favourite online shop? (it can be about anything)
4. What is your favourite Christmas film?
5. What is your favourite candle scent?
6. What is your favourite lipstick for winter?
7. What is your favourite hairstyle?
8. A fashion icon
9. What is your favourite Christmas song?
10. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

My nominees are:

1. Sarahi

2. M Brown
3. Neon Shine
4. Emsy
5. Laura
6. Amanda
7. Hannah Jane
8. Vanessa
9. Bethany
10. Mili

Feel free to do the tag and answer my questions even if I haven't nominated you :) Hope you have enjoyed it, and I'll be back very soon. Make sure to check out my other social media x

Love, Cristina xx

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014



I can't believe autumn's almost over and I haven't found the time to write a post about my favourite season of the year!! I am definitely a mess. Yes, I am aware that I say that in every post, but it is indeed true. I've been a busy-bee lately. I've had lots of UNI work but I've been also going out and getting to know some cool places, which I will hopefully write about soon if I get to go back (I am sure I will).

The thing is, as I have mentioned in the beginning of the post, autumn is my favourite season and it has always been. I love the colours, the arrival of the cold and especially the fact that extra-hot coffee starts to make sense again! Therefore, I came up with the idea (a bit late, oopsies. Forgive me for that) of coming back with an autumn favourites post.

I've tried to put together some of my favourite items that have had a lot of wear out during the season.

1. Favourite pieces of clothing

1.1 My mum's beige knitted sweater

I am obsessed with knitted sweaters, even though I don't own much, and this one is my favourite at the moment. It is my mum's and I only get to have it for a few weeks, since I have to give it back to her when I go home. She's had it since forever and I have always loved it. It is a bit big for my figure, but I love the way it looses and how "baggy" it looks. The colours go with the season and it is super comfy too!! I might keep it until winter, till' I start bringing all of my black clothes out of the wardrobe. Sorry mum.

1.2. The Topshop's JAMIE jeans

I already wrote a post abut these and I am here to say that I am still obsessed with them! I've been wearing a lot of black skinny jeans these days, since they go with the weather, but I am giving the JAMIE's a lot of wear out this season, because I'm not sure if my knees will be able to stand the cold when winter pops up!!

1.3. My brown and golden shiny scarf

I got this scarf a year ago in the parades that are held in my town by the end of October. I am a sucker for scarfs, they are probably my favourite piece of clothing when it's cold. Whenever the cold sneaks in, I wear a scarf around my neck EVERY DAY. I'd have tons, all of different colours. However, this one has to be my favourite for the season because of the colours, that match with the season's, and that also go with everything. And, doesn't it look perfect with my mum's sweater?

1.4. MANGO leather jacket

Did you think I wouldn't introduce anything black? You thought wrong. This jacket has to be my favourite item of the whole post. I've had it for a month and it was a complete bargain!! I wasn't planning on buying a leather jacket anytime soon but then this one showed up and I couldn't not buy it! It is from MANGO's last year's winter season (I think) and it costed around 100€, but I found it in a MANGO outlet for 30€. Told you, A BARGAIN. I've worn it every day since I got it and I still like it as much as the first day. It looks so good with everything! You can go from an elegant look to a tougher one, and always look amazing. I had never had a leather jacket before (I know.. how haven't I!!?) and now I am completely in love with them. Definitely a must for the season.

1.5. Zara's ankle boots

I also made a post about these and, as well as it happened with my JAMIE jeans, they have had a lot of wear out for the last month. They are not the most warm shoes I've have had, but some of the most good-looking (and cheaper!!) 

2. Favourite beauty products

Actually, I should have called this section "favourite lipsticks". The ones in the picture above are both two of my favourite colours for the lips, mostly for the season (and winter too). They are both from l'Oréal.

This first one isn't actually a lipstick bar, it's a kind of gloss. I kind of stole it from one of my best friends (I am giving it back to you whenever I get to see ya!! I swear). Ever since she got it in one of our trips to London I loved it. I definitely should have bought it too. I don't like lip gloss that much, but since I discovered this one and the baby lips, I apply them almost every day! I specially love the reddish colour this one has; it is so intense and beautiful, and it lasts for a long time. So if you ever thought of buying it but you haven't yet, I totally recommend it! And it is the perfect colour for Christmas, don't you think?

The second one is my favourite without a doubt! I wear dark colours on the lips for night out's in summer but in autumn they just seem perfect for every day! I love the colour this one has. I fell in love with it since I bought it as a present for one of my best friends, a week later I ended up buying it for myself. It doesn't last on for as much as I'd like, but you can always have it in your bag and reapply it anytime. I totally recommend it if you're looking for a dark wine colour for the lips and you don't want to waste a huge amount of money (I think its price didn't surpass 10€).

3. (Hot) Starbucks White Mocca

You were surely expecting something like the Pumpkin Spice Latte (which would be the normal thing to write down since it's a special of the season), but I can't help it and always prefer my beloved White Mocca. We've had the Pumpkin Spice Latte in Spain for the first time ever this autumn and I couldn't not try it. I liked it, but it isn't on my favourite's list. I cannot wait to try the Christmas specials though!  As I mentioned before, one of the things I like the most about autumn is the arrival of the cold, and the fact that you get to drink hot coffee again to keep yourself warm (and your hands!! very important) from the cold. Coffee tastes way better when it's hot and the weather's really cold.. or is it just me? 

This is all I have!! Hopefully you've enjoyed it. Make sure to follow my other social media.

Which are some of your favourite autumn things?? Leave a comment below and let me know! :)

Dearly, Cristina xx

martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Treat yourself

Today, October 7th is my birthday. I am finally turning 18 (it feels like I've waited for this moment forever). So, yes, I am an adult now and, yes, I still have a sweet tooth. Just like when I was a kid. Therefore, since it was my birthday (mark that as the perfect excuse to eat whatever I want) I've chosen to treat myself a little bit. I mean, you don't turn 18 every day!!!

Luckily, I am sharing a flat with two of my best friends, who also like to treat themselves once in a while (actually.. who doesn't!?). If there is something I love, that is food. And if I had to choose a favourite meal, I'd say breakfast. I love waking up in the morning and without any stress or hurry, preparing myself a good breakfast. You know, a complete breakfast, with its glass of orange juice, a café latte and a good croissant. One cannot do that every day though... But why not do it on the day of your birthday? Last night I was definitely up to it and, indeed, I convinced both of my flatmates to come wait for me after UNI so we could enjoy a good breakfast together. We were thinking about Starbucks, it never disappoints and let's be honest, the White Mocca surpasses it all. But we ended up changing our minds and we finally decided to try a new place. 

We went to Buenas Migas. It is a focaccieria located just next to Starbucks, in front of my UNI, in Plaça Universitat (Barcelona). I liked it so much that when I got home I quickly googled it and did some research. Buenas Migas is a company that prepares a large variety of traditional products from Liguria (Italy) and Cornwall (England), since that's where the two founders are from. All of their products are handmade, without preservatives and they use the best raw materials. Doesn't it sound good? I would definitely check it out, if you're up for a good meal (they serve the 5 meals of the day) in a nice, cozy place.

This is the only picture I managed to take of the place. It is decorated with wooden materials and really neutral colors, which make it a really pleasant and cozy space. They also play some really good music on the background. 

Moving on. Let's talk about what we had for breakfast.

First, I ordered a large café latte (you wouldn't have guessed!) and a Cornetto (that is a croissant, I actually learnt that word today) with almonds on top. They heated it before serving it, which, in my opinion, is a plus.

Claudia and Gisela opted for a more healthy option than me (oops). They ordered two café lattes and two sandwitches, which the waiter also heated up (I am telling you, heaven). One was the basic ham and cheese sandwitch and the other one was chicken with rockets. I didn't get to taste them, but according to my friends, they tasted amazing! 

Once we devorated our food we proceeded to take some pictures with their mugs... Are we too weird? Maybe.

Let me know what you think, if you're a fan of breakfast or food in general like I am. And also, which are some of your favourite places :)

A caro prezzo, Cristina X

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

NEW IN: Zara ankle boots and the Topshop JAMIE jeans

Hellooo!! Here I am once again. This new post (which might have come a little late) is based on some of the new stuff I've purchased recently. 

For those of you who don't know, about a month ago I moved out to Barcelona for UNI. I was very excited about this. A big city like Barcelona meant having some of my favourite shops and cafeterias just minutes away from home and being able to go out more. However, moving out isn't that easy and these first weeks of being an independent University student I've struggled to save up money for myself without having to ask my parents for more (Guess what? I totally failed. Thanks mum and dad).

Nevertheless, a new season has started and I needed some new clothes. If there's one thing I am addicted to is at making lists. I am a weirdo about lists. I write down everything that comes to my mind on a list (I have a small notebook just for it, that says it all). So, as you can imagine, I also have a rather long wish list of clothes and stuff I want/need. A pair of ankle boots and the denim JAMIE jeans from Topshop were in it. I soon spotted some cheap ankle boots in Zara and I couldn't restrain myself. It was a need. That is why, one afternoon my best friend and I decided it was the day. In a matter of minutes we were in the city centre and quickly stepped into Topshop. After a few minutes of drooling all over the place, and also crying a bit inside for not being able to buy anything else, we both left the shop with a new pair of blue jeans in hand. And they are the comfiest pair of jeans I have owned. They are quite stretchy, highwasted and they even have ripped knees!! I totally recommend them if you like looking good without leaving aside comfort. The JAMIE jeans are stretchy and they adjust perfectly and they are really nice for an everyday wear, because they basically go with everything!

I wasn't done yet though. Before heading to Starbucks to spend the evening talking and gossiping with some coffee (how white girly of us!!) I needed to get those ankle boots. And indeed, two minutes later I was in Zara trying them on for like the sixth time (don't tell me I am the only one who does that). I asked Claudia questions such as: "Yes or no?", "Do you really like them?", "For sure?", "What would you do?", for about ten times, until I finally made up my mind. In the end, after debating myself between wether I should get them or not, I did. And I do not regret it. I could not resist to such a cheap price!! (29,95€ It may not be THAT cheap, but it definitely is for a pair of shoes from Zara). A week and a half after having purchased them I am more than glad I did. They make your legs look slim and the chunky heel is amazing, it gives an elegant touch to the look without being too preppy. They are perfect for an everyday wear and they also go with everything, since they are black!! I have worn them almost everyday to UNI since I bought them (I might have become a bit obsessed... Or maybe I am just too excited for autumn). They also keep your feet warm, even if your wear them with not so thick socks. They've kept mine warm these days that it has been a bit more chilly and rainy in Barcelona.

This is all I have for now. I am SO excited for autumn. These are just some of the pieces I have started to acquire for the season and I cannot wait for colder days to come and finally pulling out of the wardrobe my coat and all of my scarves!! (Okay, I am far too excited). Let me know if you're looking forward to it too, and which are your essential pieces for the season. :)

Dearly, Cristina x

jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014


I was nominated for the Liebster Award about a month ago (yes, I'm always late with this kind of stuff), and I must say that I'm really excited about it. For those of you who don't know what it is about, the Liebster Award is a tag that consists of 11 questions and it was created with the aim of promoting small blogs and helping these become more famous among the blogger community. First of all, I want to thank Sophie (check out her blog here) for nominating me. (You should REALLY check out her blog, Just Sophie, there is some really good stuff in there).

Alright, to begin with, these are the rules:

1. Post 11 facts about you.
2. Answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 blogs under 200 followers.
4. Link your nominees to the post.
5. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
6. Let the nominees chosen know they have been tagged.

11 facts about me:

1. I am from Girona, a small city in the north of Spain, about 100km away from Barcelona
2. I am obsessed with Zara
3. I have an older brother
4. I have two cats, a white one and a black one
5. I can't go a day without at least two cups of coffee
6. I don't know my real height, I must be about 1'64cm or so
7. I love buying stripped clothes, but I always end up wearing the same 2 tee's (black and white ones obviously)
8. I am a blue jeans kind of gal
9. I have braces, and I'm hopefully getting them removed by March
10. I spend too many money in clothes and concerts
11. My favourite colour is dark red (which means that it is also my favourite shade for the nails and the lips)

Sophie's questions:

1. Where were you born?
   - In Girona, a small city in the north-east of Spain
2. How many cousins do you have?
   - I have 3 youger cousins, and they are all girls
3. What's your favourite scent?
   - Vanilla
4. What are your favourite clothing shops?
   - Zara, Topshop and MANGO
5. How tall are you?
  - I don't know!! About 1'64cm I think ???
6. What season were you born in?
  - Autumn (best time of the year!)
7. How old are you?
  - I'm turning 18 the 7th of October :)
8. What is your career?
  - English studies 
9. What is your favourite make-up item?
  - Mascara
10. If you could be anyone, who would you be?
  - Taylor Swift
11. Do you have any pets? If so, how many?
  - I have two cats and a rabbit... Also my brother has some fish, but we all lost count

My nominees:

3. Amita
4. Eva
5. Talia
6. Erin
9. Ally
10. Vany
11. Julie

My questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Fashion or beauty?
3. Favourite piece of clothing?
4. Favourite make-up item?
5. If you had to choose one shop to buy your clothes for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
6. Concealer or foundation first?
7. Favourite movie?
8. Favourite TV show?
9. Style icon?
10. Favourite nail polish shade?
11. If you could choose to live somewhere else, where would you live?

Thank you for reading my blog, and if anyone else would like to reply to my questions in the comments, feel free to do it!!! Xx

- Cristina

lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

OOTW: First week of UNI

Hello!! I am back.

I don't know if that's what I should say when I had just uploaded an introduction post and proceeded to disappear for a month. Oops, sorry. I guess that's more correct. There's an explanation though. The thing is that I finally moved to Barcelona by the end of August but we were not able to have our wifi installed until late this last week (on Wednesday at 8 pm to be more exact). It sucked. Big time. So, my lack of Internet and the non-exciting activities I have been up to this past month have kept me out of my blog. But I am here, and for good now (let's hope I am right this time!)

This new post is based on my first week of UNI, which yes, it has taken place, and it hasn't been that bad at all. However, I won't be talking nonsense about how it was, since it's been easier and nicer than I had in mind. I am actually here to share with all of you the outfits I had worn through the week. Pretty basic and quick, I know. One good thing I like about my UNI is that we only have to attend lessons four days a week, which obviously are Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's. (I get a three-day weekend, hell yeah!!) I went for some really basic clothes. I am a denim jeans and white/black tee's kind of gal. I love comfy clothes and basic garments. Therefore, the four outfits I chose are some of my most comfortable pieces and also some my favourite ones.

All in all, here are the four outfits I have worn along with some info. Enjoy!! Xx
 - Cristina

       T-Shirt - Zara Trafaluc
       Cardigan - H&M
       Jeans - Zara Trafaluc
       Shoes - Stradivarius
       Bag - Stradivarius
       Jewellery - ring: Natura, cross necklace: my grandma's

       T-Shirt - Zara Trafaluc
       Jeans - Topshop JONI
       Shoes - Primark UK
       Bag - local shop
       Jewellery - ring: Natura, cross necklace: my grandma's

       Blouse - Zara Basic
       Shorts - Zara Trafaluc
       Sandals - Forever 21
       Bag - local shop
       Jewellery - cross necklace: my grandma's

       T-Shirt - local shop
       Flannel - Zara
       Denim skirt - Mango
       Shoes - Stradivarius
       Bag - local shop
       Jewellery - cross necklace: my grandma's

viernes, 22 de agosto de 2014

Quick introducion

Hello there. I've been thinking for a while how should I start this, and I've come to the conclusion that maybe a bit of an introduction of myself would be correct... I hope I am right. So here it goes. These are some facts about me:

I am Cristina and I am 17. I am a soon to be UNI student in the University of Barcelona. And here's one important thing you should know about me: I LOVE (capital letters) big cities. There's something about losing yourself in a sea of faces from different places and discovering new people and new places that gets me going. Therefore, my dreamy self has obvioulsy choosen to rent a flat with some of my best mates in the city rather than taking a train to attend my classes every day. Exciting, isn't it? I'm a bit adventurous and moving out has been the main reason why I've finally decided to start blogging. I want to document the Internet about my life and its changes.

Moving on, I also love coffee (a lot). As unhlealthy as coffee can be, I could not go a day without a cup (or maybe two) to function (Note to self: change that!). Furthermore, one of the things I like doing the most is laughing. I am so thrilled about meeting new people with whom I can have a laugh. And, last but not least, my favourite thing in the world is fashion. It's incredible how every single person has its own style and we have on our hands making it unique. I personally think that fashion is one of the things that define people and I am really looking forward to sharing my love for it with all of you.

Enjoy! xx

- Cristina