martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Treat yourself

Today, October 7th is my birthday. I am finally turning 18 (it feels like I've waited for this moment forever). So, yes, I am an adult now and, yes, I still have a sweet tooth. Just like when I was a kid. Therefore, since it was my birthday (mark that as the perfect excuse to eat whatever I want) I've chosen to treat myself a little bit. I mean, you don't turn 18 every day!!!

Luckily, I am sharing a flat with two of my best friends, who also like to treat themselves once in a while (actually.. who doesn't!?). If there is something I love, that is food. And if I had to choose a favourite meal, I'd say breakfast. I love waking up in the morning and without any stress or hurry, preparing myself a good breakfast. You know, a complete breakfast, with its glass of orange juice, a café latte and a good croissant. One cannot do that every day though... But why not do it on the day of your birthday? Last night I was definitely up to it and, indeed, I convinced both of my flatmates to come wait for me after UNI so we could enjoy a good breakfast together. We were thinking about Starbucks, it never disappoints and let's be honest, the White Mocca surpasses it all. But we ended up changing our minds and we finally decided to try a new place. 

We went to Buenas Migas. It is a focaccieria located just next to Starbucks, in front of my UNI, in Plaça Universitat (Barcelona). I liked it so much that when I got home I quickly googled it and did some research. Buenas Migas is a company that prepares a large variety of traditional products from Liguria (Italy) and Cornwall (England), since that's where the two founders are from. All of their products are handmade, without preservatives and they use the best raw materials. Doesn't it sound good? I would definitely check it out, if you're up for a good meal (they serve the 5 meals of the day) in a nice, cozy place.

This is the only picture I managed to take of the place. It is decorated with wooden materials and really neutral colors, which make it a really pleasant and cozy space. They also play some really good music on the background. 

Moving on. Let's talk about what we had for breakfast.

First, I ordered a large café latte (you wouldn't have guessed!) and a Cornetto (that is a croissant, I actually learnt that word today) with almonds on top. They heated it before serving it, which, in my opinion, is a plus.

Claudia and Gisela opted for a more healthy option than me (oops). They ordered two café lattes and two sandwitches, which the waiter also heated up (I am telling you, heaven). One was the basic ham and cheese sandwitch and the other one was chicken with rockets. I didn't get to taste them, but according to my friends, they tasted amazing! 

Once we devorated our food we proceeded to take some pictures with their mugs... Are we too weird? Maybe.

Let me know what you think, if you're a fan of breakfast or food in general like I am. And also, which are some of your favourite places :)

A caro prezzo, Cristina X

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

NEW IN: Zara ankle boots and the Topshop JAMIE jeans

Hellooo!! Here I am once again. This new post (which might have come a little late) is based on some of the new stuff I've purchased recently. 

For those of you who don't know, about a month ago I moved out to Barcelona for UNI. I was very excited about this. A big city like Barcelona meant having some of my favourite shops and cafeterias just minutes away from home and being able to go out more. However, moving out isn't that easy and these first weeks of being an independent University student I've struggled to save up money for myself without having to ask my parents for more (Guess what? I totally failed. Thanks mum and dad).

Nevertheless, a new season has started and I needed some new clothes. If there's one thing I am addicted to is at making lists. I am a weirdo about lists. I write down everything that comes to my mind on a list (I have a small notebook just for it, that says it all). So, as you can imagine, I also have a rather long wish list of clothes and stuff I want/need. A pair of ankle boots and the denim JAMIE jeans from Topshop were in it. I soon spotted some cheap ankle boots in Zara and I couldn't restrain myself. It was a need. That is why, one afternoon my best friend and I decided it was the day. In a matter of minutes we were in the city centre and quickly stepped into Topshop. After a few minutes of drooling all over the place, and also crying a bit inside for not being able to buy anything else, we both left the shop with a new pair of blue jeans in hand. And they are the comfiest pair of jeans I have owned. They are quite stretchy, highwasted and they even have ripped knees!! I totally recommend them if you like looking good without leaving aside comfort. The JAMIE jeans are stretchy and they adjust perfectly and they are really nice for an everyday wear, because they basically go with everything!

I wasn't done yet though. Before heading to Starbucks to spend the evening talking and gossiping with some coffee (how white girly of us!!) I needed to get those ankle boots. And indeed, two minutes later I was in Zara trying them on for like the sixth time (don't tell me I am the only one who does that). I asked Claudia questions such as: "Yes or no?", "Do you really like them?", "For sure?", "What would you do?", for about ten times, until I finally made up my mind. In the end, after debating myself between wether I should get them or not, I did. And I do not regret it. I could not resist to such a cheap price!! (29,95€ It may not be THAT cheap, but it definitely is for a pair of shoes from Zara). A week and a half after having purchased them I am more than glad I did. They make your legs look slim and the chunky heel is amazing, it gives an elegant touch to the look without being too preppy. They are perfect for an everyday wear and they also go with everything, since they are black!! I have worn them almost everyday to UNI since I bought them (I might have become a bit obsessed... Or maybe I am just too excited for autumn). They also keep your feet warm, even if your wear them with not so thick socks. They've kept mine warm these days that it has been a bit more chilly and rainy in Barcelona.

This is all I have for now. I am SO excited for autumn. These are just some of the pieces I have started to acquire for the season and I cannot wait for colder days to come and finally pulling out of the wardrobe my coat and all of my scarves!! (Okay, I am far too excited). Let me know if you're looking forward to it too, and which are your essential pieces for the season. :)

Dearly, Cristina x